About PTN

Phoenix Talks NASCAR is a fan’s blog. It’s written by a NASCAR fan, and is aimed at NASCAR fans, mostly for all ages.

But because this is a blog that’s written by someone who isn’t a professional journalist/writer/reporter/whatever, here are a few warnings about what content you may find on this site (also known as the “6 Things A Reader Might Find Offensive About This Blog”):

  1. Language. Sometimes, censors aren’t reliable. There will more than likely be language on here that might not be suitable for all audiences. If you are offended by anything on here, I apologize. Just realize that you were warned.
  2. Predictions. I’d love to say that I am great at predicting things, but I’m not (I’m still yet to win the lotto). So please do not take any predictions posted here as fact, or really even a rumor if it’s a prediction involving a news story. Please don’t come whining on here that I predicted a driver would win the upcoming race, you placed a huge bet based on said prediction, and lost it all. That’s all on you, not me. There’s a reason I routinely suck at any Fantasy NASCAR game.
  3. Spoilers. If you haven’t been able to watch a race yet, and don’t want spoilers, this may or may not be the place to read. Likely, any race recap will have a significant amount of spoilers.
  4. Potentially Offensive Statements about your favorite driver(s). As a fan, I am partial towards some drivers, and biased against some drivers. I will try to remove any biases in my writing, but can’t guarantee anything. At times I will likely blast your driver for something that you feel isn’t his fault.
  5. Images that you may not like. Sometimes, images will be posted that may not be in the best taste. If you’re offended by any images posted here, I apologize, but most likely if they are posted here, I found them somewhat funny.
  6. Other stuff. At any time, you may be offended by anything that is on this site. That’s all on you; it’s your choice to be offended by something you read/hear/see/whatever on here.

The Who, What, When, Where, Why of PTN:

(or, to put it simply: Why PTN Exists, and Who Phoenix is)


Phoenix has passionately followed NASCAR since 1994, when, at the ripe old age of 3 he watched Jeff Gordon win a race on TV. The memory’s a little fuzzy as to what race in ’94, but all signs point to it having been the Inaugural Brickyard 400, as the Coke 600 that year finished well after his bedtime.

Phoenix subscribes to the theory that NASCAR isn’t dying, something that appears to be radical thinking. He also subscribes to the idea of races being longer, not shorter, because pandering to the ADD crowd (of which he is an admitted member) gets very old, very quickly. He’s one of about 14 people in the NASCAR world that actually likes Pocono. His four favorite racetracks on the schedule are (in no particular order): Daytona, Martinsville, Atlanta, and (old and new-new) Bristol.


PTN is a fan’s perspective on the world of NASCAR. Just about anything and everything will be covered. Be prepared for rants, reviews, speculation, and at times, possibly even speechlessness. The writing still will be simple, with some rambling, but for the most part will include wit and humor, although Phoenix make no guarantees that it will be funny. Also expect terrible predictions, and lots of them. If Phoenix was any good at predicting NASCAR results, he wouldn’t be one of the worst Fantasy NASCAR players in the game’s history.

Finally, we’ll try to drown you in information about NASCAR. Time and time again. You’ll probably think you were on the Titanic, in fact. Facts are what make up the basis of many predictions, news stories, and the like, so expect lots of facts. Lots and lots of yummy, tasty, and probably juicy facts, if you’re into that sort of thing. And maybe some terrible facts, and the occasional “fact” that is, in fact, wrong. In case you’re wondering at this point, that’s seven “facts” used in the last three sentences (not counting this one).


The end of August and early September, 2012 is when this really all got started. After writing one small bit of an article for ESPN, Phoenix started debating writing about NASCAR more frequently. After the bug just wouldn’t go away after six weeks, Phoenix decided to stop complaining about how bad most NASCAR writers were and to actually start writing himself. After all, they say to understand someone you should first walk a mile in their shoes. The only problem is that Phoenix wears size 13.5’s, and most of the writers probably don’t. So that might be impossible. Instead this blog will have to act in place of the shoes.


Usually from either Phoenix’s bed, desk, couch, or even kitchen table. Sometimes elsewhere, depending on when the mood to write something strikes. 99.4% of the time it will be from somewhere in Phoenix’s apartment. Sometimes there might be something written at like, a Starbucks or something, but that’s pretty unlikely- Phoenix doesn’t drink coffee.

Obviously, the “where” of PTN itself is right here at http://www.PhoenixTalksNASCAR.wordpress.com but hopefully that doesn’t surprise anyone… If you’re surprised to learn that though, this probably isn’t where you will want to frequent.


After years of sub-par coverage from either a mega-conglomerate that either barely covered NASCAR (Phoenix won’t name names, but the site’s nickname is TMZSPN), or companies that were dedicated to covering NASCAR but either did so poorly or didn’t cover what the majority of fans wanted to see, the idea of a blog from the fan’s perspective was born (or at least, the idea was born in Phoenix’s mind).

Absolutely nowhere seems to pay enough attention to the Nationwide Series and the Camping World Truck series, who arguably provide better racing than the Sprint Cup Series on most weekends, usually under the guise of “not enough money to cover [them]” or other crappy excuses. That will change here. Hopefully. Plus, the K&N Pro Series East and West will get some coverage here, too. Pretty much nowhere does that, and the races in those series are often stellar.


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