Getting Back in the (Blogging) Game

I’m BAAAAAAACK! Okay, so that was a little more enthusiastic than I probably should have been. But I’m getting back blogging! Here goes…

So this blog site has basically been useless for about a year. While I’ve tried to maintain some pages and add some others, the blog part really just sat there with no new entries. I know that has to be disappointing, especially since that’s the reason that most people would visit here.

You’re probably wondering why things basically went silent, with no warning. While I’ve attempted to blog a lot in the last year (and actually had several half-finished posts), I just didn’t really have the time to dedicate to putting out fully-fleshed, quality posts and that was really what I wanted to do instead of half-assing it like the sites that I complain about on a pretty frequent basis. While I’ve been active on Twitter and everything, that only takes a very small fraction of the work that some of my posts have required.

So what took up all my time? Well, for one, I started grad school, and everything that entails took up a lot of time. I also took on a role with a local chapter of a national organization, which ate up a lot more of my time than I initially expected. And I continued my work with a public-access show that airs every weeknight. Coupled together, I basically lost my mid-mornings to mid-afternoons to classes, my afternoons and early evenings to TV production, and then my evenings to planning things for the organization.

What should anyone that visits expect from this blog over the next few weeks?

Well, for one, probably more short, to the point, blog posts. Whereas the initial few posts were each a few thousand words (that’s not a typo!), I will probably be getting into the habit of shorter posts that try to still convey the same message. That might mean re-visiting some topics later on, or more multi-part posts. I really have no idea yet what that will mean.

Second, you’ll see a lot of things change. As you’ve probably noticed, there’s now an Archive page, and I’ve lumped together basically everything that used to exist here under that page. There’s probably going to be a lot more of that over the next few weeks, as things get moved, updated, possibly deleted, and maybe added. I’m not entirely sure of where this site will be headed next, but it should become clear in the next few weeks, hopefully. Just keep an eye out for new pages being added, old pages being removed, and everything else.

But ultimately, I’m really not sure yet what it means, and what you should expect. I’m still in the process of figuring out where to head next. Just getting blogging again is the first step.

I’m very appreciative of everyone that has ever visited- whether you’ve agreed with what I’ve written or not.

~ Phoenix

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